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Loved it, very funny and enjoyable!

Thank you for some great lessons.

W game def a weird one but still good def had a good few laughs! 9/10 from me cant wait to see what you do next! ~Wang

Honestly? 10/10 Game... have played 3 times goofing around.

11/10 Only have shaken 6 people's hands so far, and this game is already lifechanging! Would ABSOLUTELY  recommend this to  a friend.

Make more, this game is amazing.

played this on a 3 random games, was very enjoyable! 

The sumo wrestler did not get a handshake, fun game though

Handshake literally everyone haha

(-1) its good

The nightmares I get when I don't get my handshake....

Fun and funny game!

I haven't watched any let's play of this game besides Jacksepticeye's, but I can guarantee everyone that his let's play is the best.

i would literally play man shake hand join the train simulator until the end of time

I thought about, imagine creating snake like game using this principle?

So we already kinda could have basic mechanics : connections and following.

Only thing there would be need to add is restriction on map movement.
And we could add jump mechanics, where they jump one after another to avoid some obstacles?

What you think?

This is what getting a job in the 1950s felt like.

nettur leikur maður sá að smii7y var að spila hann


The game was short, but it was a pretty good game. Would recommend.


how do you fullscreen it



reply to this comment if you found the game by watching smitty's video


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This game changed my life.

I laughed so hard at their applause after they passed the wrestlers :D :D :D

Genuinly lovely and artsty!! I really liked this little experience!

My whole life in 8 minutes


Does anybody know why i can't hear anything?

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Men, is there more I have to say?

Love this game

Played this a total of 3 times to get everything right for my recording. I am so mesmerized by the simplicity, and how almost whimsical the gameplay is. All for a firm handshake. The final scene of the game is so relaxing to look at and I really wish it was a wallpaper 😭 Excellent game, never got tired of playing through It :) awesome work!


10/10! Really highlights the utter importance of physical touch between two very fine gentlemen!


Thanks, nice video!

Best handshake I've ever had!


What a cute little game! It made me smile. Nicely done! :)

Deleted 340 days ago

A totally bizzare experience✨

a life changing experience


Really awesome game! It's so weird and simple, yet fun and engaging.👍

this is exactly what i needed

Nice game 👍

this was a fun little game! 

so uhh, lets firmly grasp it?


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