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This was really fun and cute. Thank you!


Amazing  had so much fun make it longer plz

So cool game! Very fun! We even make a quick review on our channel! Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks a lot.

My brother and I played this game on my channel, and we both enjoyed it a lot. With there was more to do with this game, but with what's there, it's super fun and has really interesting dynamics! Would recommend others trying out!

Awesome! Glad you liked it. This was made for a game jam so I only had a few days to make it which is why it is so short. I might add some more levels at some point. I'll let you know!

Makes sense. Really happy with what's there and super impressed with what you did in that short amount of time!

nice bro

awsome game

Thanks guy!

wow awesome game Torfi

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

i finished the game already lol

good game