A downloadable manifesto

Rules are oppressive

They inhibit play.

Rewards are harmful

They replace play with conditioning.

Make structure serve play

If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

Make structure serve meaning

If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

Your ideas are meaningful

They do not need to justify their presence.

Play is meaningful

It does not need to justify its presence.

Trust players to find meaning

They will.

Make game poetry

Explore the aesthetics of space and interaction.

Moving through a space is a meaningful interaction

Choosing where to move, where to look are Interesting Decisions.

Make games for yourself

Even if nobody else likes them.

Make games for your friends

They are the only audience that really matters.

Make games with your friends

You will learn things about them you never would have otherwise.

Finish your game

It deserves to be finished.

Finish your game

It will haunt you until you do.

Don’t finish your game

It will never really be finished. Release it anyway.

Put it on the internet

Set it free.

Don’t ask for permission

Nobody can give it to you.

Don’t apologize

Never apologize.

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