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Well made and fun as well.

Great game! Super fun. 

Somehow got to 12, 10/10 game

Well done!

Lovely game!

Really cool! Unfortunately it sometimes lags a bit. Maybe it would be nice to allow players to disable some of the post processing to help it

But it is a great game! 


Simply fun! No annoying barriers to get into the action. 


I had a blast

It's really addictive. Love it <3

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It was a rewarding and entertaining game.The idea is also great.By the way, how long did the production time take?


Cool take on bullet hells!


This is sooo adicting! The graphics are amazing too!

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Very noice :)

11 not one


I can only get to 1

Hi Torfi and Joi, I would like to look into how we can license your game for our competitive SEA games platform. Please email me on Thanks!


Bro! I finally beat my score my new score is 11 but if you reach 11 its gonna be the same thing on one

Epic, highscore:8

my only score is 7, but if i practice i'll get better to beat the score

Dang the dithering effect on the UI elements looks so rad! Can you point me in the direction on how you achieved that?

Quitraged 3 times but loved the game

Preparing to the next try

Super fun!

Really cool and fun


Simple, fun, and challenging.  I love the art style, too.  Nicely done!


Awesome idea! On the MAC build the "player" doesn’t follow the cursor.

Amazing game, simple but super addictive ! Made it to the 12th level ! I also love how you managed to blend the game with your background !

Perfect example of easy to learn difficult to master game design. I loved the mood/aesthetic. The homing enemies are really difficult, never made it past score 3.


A very nice idea. Fits well with the theme. Congrats on you submission!

This game is SO GOOD OMG i love playing it so much, however there are a few bugs 

-music stopping at some point

-cant move cursor spot to bottom of screen after some replays

I hope you guys push some fixes in the future since I'll probs play this every so often but if not it's still amazing work!!!!!!

The best game I played!

Amazing! The progression is really good. Good stuff!

visually stunning and fun to play!