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Really interesting.

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we did it bois 540 views...thanks to you guys!

No handshake... You look to the left; see no one there. You look to the right; see people staring at you. Panic, lol! You don't? xD

I like the atmosphere of the game and the colour pallet. Nice job!

If you are having trouble opening this on MacOS - download the "permission fix" version from the download page, then open the app by RIGHT-CLICKING on it and selecting "Open" from the context menu. Then click "Open" on the following dialogue box. Worked for me on an M1 Macbook Air running Big Sur.

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The windows download isn't working. It keeps saying that I can't open it for protection  ;-;

nvm I just clicked 'open n e ways' B)

oh great game btw I had to hold in my laughing cuz I'm not supposed to be playing..


I want to give the developer a handshake

Game of the year.

what kind of game is this hmmmmmmmmmmm

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Yeeeeeah so according to my Macbook, I don't have permission to open this? Somewhere down there in the comments the creator offers a workaround via executing a line of code into the thingy so I opened terminal for the first time ever and dinked around for half an hour pretending I was a computer hacker - long story short, if you have a Macbook and you're dumb like me then this game is not for you, sorry.

***EDIT*** Game works with the permission fix! Absolutely worth checking out. It's great. :)

Hi. Sorry to hear that. There is a new executable up called A Firm Handshake MacOS (permission fix) that might work. Let me know if you give it a try!




A legend of Handshaking. 


I touched men


I love this game too much!


tnx for 390 views guys! Can the video get 500 views though?...



What an odd game lol! 
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An interesting aspect of this game is the way it represents the corporate world as unitary, there's no single being separate from the system surrounding them, and anyone who tries to break free or to enter the system is ignored, punished or removed in order to prevent any possible change. An incredibly surrealist critique of the corporate world. Well done!

(I mean, that's at least what I've gotten out of it.)

Simple and fun. In french : "Bravo" :)

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Did a video as well. Definitely a weird experience.


I didn't like the part where you were trying to shake everyone's hand, but they went to shake someone else's hand instead of yours. Too real ;-; 
Otherwise, this is a solid experience. 10/10

Played it as well!


yooo tnx for 227 views guys!! pls share my vid and subscribe.


I played your game! 

Many, but not all, hands were shaken. Fun.  :)

Alt+Enter for fullscreen if you didnt know

a neat little game! the visuals were really satisfying to look at!

Loved it. It's very nice.

The Legion will Rise!

im think is a very good gam

ver is yur gramar


Good minimalistic game :D


fun short game

"5 fingers out of 5"
- Guy with only one hand

Short, but quality experience! I enjoyed it and think we spiced it up a bit with this short vid :D

Beautiful in its simplicity, good job!


Weird but i like it

This is stupidly great! Love this!

Lots of handshake games.

This is ace.

best game ever :>

fuckin silly, thank you <3 

I downloaded the mac version and got

You do not have permission to open the application “AFirmHandshake”.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hi, I don't have a Mac but according to some other people this gets around it:

A regular reminder for fellow Catalina users: if having trouble running the game, you need to execute the following on the command line:

cd [to the directory where is located] cd chmod +x "A Firm Handshake"

After this, you need to hold control + right-click on the application, and select Open.

yep it works! Thank you!

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