A downloadable game for Windows

A Doom-clone made for GBJAM 5

Enter hell with your trusty 666-shooter and get revenge.

Normal Controls

WASD to move
Move mouse to look
Left mouse button to shoot
R to reload

Hardcore Gameboy Controls

Arrow keys to move and look
X to shoot
Z to reload

Other controls

Left and right on menu screen swaps color palette
1 and 2 decrease or increase look sensitivity respectively
3 skips to the next music track if you have unlocked any extra ones

Game by Torfi Asgeirsson @torfias

Music and sounds by Baldur Karl @baldurkm

Made using rogueNoodle's GBCamera for Unity https://roguenoodle.itch.io/gbcamera-for-unity

WebGL Build

More information

Published11 days ago
Tags8-bit, Dark, First-Person, GBJam, Retro
Player countSingleplayer


Hell-Bent (Windows) (28 MB)


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Really good!! :D Absolutely took me back to the good old days of FPS's :)
Too short though, but considered being part of the GBJAM it's understandable :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!