A squishy physics puzzle game. Click and drag your hands and feet to reach the target hold. Reach the top in 12 levels and then beat the developer's best route to earn a star in each.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSports, Puzzle
TagsPhysics, Short


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So simple, yet fun and addictive!

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 Is it possible to download this game for the pc

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Best I could manage (primary aim was to lower the number of steps, secondary aim was to lower time).

Very impressive. Well done!

Finally managed to figure out how to shave off a move on the Fingur level.

great idea!


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Very nice game, would make a very good mobile port

I am finally satisfied 😁

👏👏👏 Well done!


Really clean game, very nice take on bouldering, I loved it. I made a bouldering game with the the exact same idea about 2 years ago (https://draelent.itch.io/bouldering-athome), but I tried to prevent the player from going into crazy positions, but going for number of moves and timing is even more interesting. A really satisfying concept. Well done !

Thank you! I could only get through a few levels but I like how the limbs feel quite active in your game.

Pretty cool game! Congrats!


fun but hard

This was a very fun game. I wanted to try it out but was away from my computer and booted it up on my phone on a whim. I played through the whole game on my phone and it worked surprisingly well. Having my big thumbs in the way hampered the experience, but with a more readable design with that in mind, this would be a positively lovely mobile app



Great video! Thanks for posting.

Greater game! Thanks for making! ;{D


This is so much fun, I'd definitely pay for more levels!


Amazing game! I've always thought about how to translate rock climbing into a game and this is a near flawless execution of the concept

cute littlie game

just great, fantastic execution

finally got all 12 star


Que buen juego la ptm


hey this doesnt work for me when i launch it its a black screen can i get some advice?

I'm having the same issue on mac. Tried it in Chrome and Safari with no luck. 

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I don't have a mac to test on so hard for me to fix, unfortunately. Do other unity web games work?

Thanks for the reply. I just tried it again today and it works. I think something must have been going wrong when Patigor and I had the black screen issue 12 days ago. 

Very cool! Great translation of how "gamey" indoor rock-climbing feels!


I absolutely love this! These lil puzzles are super fun! Like in real bouldering they require many attempts, weird bodily contortions and momentum to solve. The only thing keeping it relatively relaxed is the infinite amount of time you're allowed to take. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Super fun, nicely stylized, funny "AAEH" noises.


cool physics! it feels weighty and acrobatic. i think my small amount of climbing experience actually helped with solutions which tells me how well the levels are constructed with the mechanics like the big holds. there were some puzzles where i got cheeky with the physics, but it never felt like i cheated, just an alternate solution hehe. the game is awesome great job.

This rules

Fun game!

Had a lot of fun finishing all these levels, hope there is gonna be more (also I saw someone having a graphical bug using Firefox and Linux, I have the same config but the game worked just fine for me, so I don't know why it does that)


I loved this, It took me some time to get them all but I felt like I could play it forever. Its such a simple yet smart concept, and I didn't come across any issues :D <3


I like the physics, especially that the player can feel the difference when being stable with all limbs on rocks from hanging on one hand. Simple gameplay, yet flavored with many little game mechanics, which make the game pretty relaxing. Good game!




good game


Played this all week and only just finished it. It was great!

Hey torfi, how about expending on it a bit and making it a commercial release? 

Suggestions for stuff that could go in a commercial version:



-level editor?

-new gameplay elements like crumbling holds, or moving holds. Gravity-flip holds? Windzones! Ropes!

Anyway, loved the game! A Firm Handshake was great too. Curious to see what you make next. :)

Thank you, Henke! Yeah, that is all stuff I'd love to add. Depends on time and motivation. We'll see!


Works really well on mobile!


Thank you! That's good to hear.


I hate this game. I was playing for an hour and i still cant beat level 3





you gotta use your feet more than you think you would.

Deleted 89 days ago

I just love it :)

Thank you!

Such a good experience, simple mechanics but combined with great level desing had me thinking for a while, i enjoyed it so much, thank you and please keep making games.

Thanks! I will do my best.


I am having a lot of fun trying to get all my times under a minute. So close!

Wow, nice!



Hey that;'s an innovative approach to a physics game, congratulations! Are you still working on it?

Thanks! Not at the moment but maybe in the future.

very fun!

Thanks! Nice pose!

very satisfying to play


please do a full release soon for mobile as well. 

I'll think about it!

love this game!! im running on linux & firefox, and it looks like i have a strange pink triangle covering a good majority of my screen. looks like something is trying to draw an untextured tri? thought you would wanna know about it!

Oh, weird. Thanks for letting me know, I will take a look!

yeah, no problem! thanks for making this, though! i loved playing through it!

oh nice game, i try some year ago todo a proto like that, but you look a lot better :)


Haha, that's pretty cool. Took me a while but I finished the first level!

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