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Very nice :D


it was really fun and challenging. 


Well done!

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how do I beat risi

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my game broke, arms and legs won't follow cursor. 

edit: It was fixed after I restarted my browser.


beat the game, really fun! What language is it in?


this needs a sequel or extension!!!!!

this was a very enjoyable mini-game to pass the time.


Every so often, I return to this game to find my progress has been deleted. x.x

One time this happened, I had finished all 12 levels and I got the records in about half of them. It's so discouraging to be that far along and suddenly see paddle locks pop up on all the levels you've already cleared...

I don't want to do it again. I shouldn't have to do it again... I want my old save back!

the falling noises are so delightful


Can you  upload Windows or Android version? Bro.


That dude is flexible !


this was so fun to finish! definetely frustrating, time flew by

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There's a bug where if you press R to restart a level while still holding down click, the game still thinks you're moving the appendage. If you let go after having restarted, the appendage will be released/moved without costing a turn, which can be used to shave a turn off levels. Worse than that though, if you release at the same time as pressing R, it won't reset that appendage and will instead leave it wherever it was placed. You can use that to bug next to the finish and win in 3 or less turns, or you can bug directly to the finish, winning in zero turns with a time of 0:00 (having a score of zero also causes other minor problems).


Wow, I had never tried that. Thanks for letting me know!

What the actual frick???


Hi, I hope you're doing well! 

I work on a product to make therapy for children and youth more engaging by integrating games and other fun activities. Would you have some time to chat about a partnership/integration?

Hi! Sure. You can send me an email to torfias at gmail dot com.



Hi Torfi,

Just checking in to see if you got my email. I would love to have a chat with you when you have some time!


you dont actually this is a scam made up for free games that you can sell i have heard of this before



i would absolutely pay for more levels or an endless mode! this is such a cute little game all around! great work :)

This is such a genius game! love it so much

Am I stupid? I can't pass level 2 :,(


You're not stupid, you just gotta use your legs!

ohhhhh, thanks for that, I was also struggling on 2 lol


This game is fun but i'm super fucking dumb so

I can't get the game to run :[


i can't pass 4

Nice and original

Can't get it to run


Very fun game, it really reminds me of the real puzzles you have to solve while bouldering. Though it became pretty difficult pretty fast, it was still very fun to play!

i cant pas 9

I dont know if you mean pass it as in finish it or pass it as in beat the dev's route. Either way, this method works, but is difficult and may take a few tries. It uses a *really difficult* momentum swing, and another difficult technique I call an "armspan tension" where rotating the body rapidly allows you to lift up higher. This was my method for beating Fingur (level 9) in 5 moves:

(1) Left hand to the central yellow hold, as far up and right on the hold as possible.

(2 and 3) *Yank* (move *really* fast) your right foot right and then up, the goal is to get your torso to turn up side down counter-clockwise and lift your foot as high up above you as possible to store energy. Let go quick before you lose too much stamina. Then, take your right hand and *yank* down and right at the precise moment, adding to the momentum of your swing, and your right hand grabs the far red hold. This entire sequence should take less than a second, and will take multiple tries to get it right (the difficulty is managing to yank your movements fast enough to get lots of momentum without losing stamina, and also you will have a *split second* window of time between your right hand reaching the red hold and you running out of stamina).

(4) The "armspan tension": If you did the last step correct, you're hanging by only your hands from the center yellow and red holds. Take your right foot, and *yank* it right, then yank up, and then place it on the yellow hold on the far right, all in less than a half second. If you do the two yanks correctly, your torso should rotate counter-clockwise, which will pull on your arms and cause your body to lift upwards, getting you close enough to the yellow hold to place your foot there.

(5) Left hand to the end hold.

no me carga jaja

Definitely challenging! My thumb was getting in the way of my view lol.

omg this was infuriating but so fun, i didnt think id finish every level but i did :)



Charming graphics and an enjoyable learning curve for some really fun gameplay and level design! Very good experience :D

How do you beat level 3 🤔


Ah yes: a fantastic level to practice the extremely OP technique I call the "criss-cross-tension-sauce", which becomes majorly useful for the later levels to shave moves off. The Criss-Cross-Tension-Sauce technique is a really powerful method to build up a ridiculous amount of momentum from a *stationary* swing, meaning it's possible to reach pretty high and/or far with less stamina spent. Here's how to beat it in five moves:

(1 and 2) Momentum swing (easier one): Yank your left foot left and up, then let go. As your body swings back towards the right, take your left hand and yank down, then right, then up, grabbing the green double hold by its very bottom.

(3) Right foot to the green double hold, as far right on the hold as possible, but try to get it to a height level with the top of the purple hold to your right. If you get it too high, the technique in step 5 wont work.

(4) Right hand to the purple hold to your right, try to get it exactly level in height with where you put your right foot earlier. If you do this right, your torso will be hanging with your head facing left, and your right arm and right leg will be crossed above you like an x.

(5) The Criss-Cross-Tension-Sauce swing, which you have been setting up for the last few moves. Take your left hand, and pull down, then left, then up, your torso rotating anti-clockwise and the tension in your other limbs adding insane momentum to the swing if timed right. Your left hand will make it all the way to the end hold.

Thanks! :D


Loved this!


excellent game, simple gameplay but truly fun. Took me a while to pass level 2 but after that it was pure joy :) 

I love this game Please 🥺 I need android version

Hi Bro

Could I get the windows version?


I cant figure out how to get past the second level, but i can tell this is going to be a good game


You gotta use your legs! Also you can let go of holds as long as you still have at least one hand on.

Ah alright! This was helpful lol. I will try my best to solve it now!

frábær og skemmtilegur leikur, vel gert!



A Simple And Extremely Enjoyable Little Game


So simple, yet fun and addictive!

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Best I could manage (primary aim was to lower the number of steps, secondary aim was to lower time).


Very impressive. Well done!


Finally managed to figure out how to shave off a move on the Fingur level.

How did you get a star for Koggull? That's the only one I have left.

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The trick for that one is using a momentum swing to get you extra distance. My method was this:

left foot to the lower big green hold, as far up and right as possible (move 1)

left hand to the lower big green hold, as far up and right as possible (move 2)

Momentum swing: Lift your right foot as high vertically (and slightly to the left) above you as you can, and let go quick while you still have stamina (don't use the foot to grab anything, just let it go in midair so it drops). While your body is swinging down, quickly grab your right hand, keeping the momentum of your swing, and grab the far yellow x2 hold, as high and right as you can. It may take a few tries. (moves 3 and 4)

Left hand to the big yellow hand hold, as far up and right as possible (this one is critical to reaching the end hold) (move 5)

Left foot, then right foot, to the purple hold below the end hold (moves 6 and 7)

Right hand to the end hold (move 8)


Thank you so much! I was able to do it with your help. I was very close in my previous tries. The only thing I didn't think about was not connecting the foot to the high green one.

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Came back for fun and found a new, extremely OP technique that shaved THREE moves off of my best for the level "Risi", and THREE moves off of "Dyngja", also worked on lowering my times.

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